donderdag 7 januari 2010

The movie, the blog

Everything (and more) you'll want to know about Vie Héroïque, the film about Serge Gainsbourg, you can find here. Webmaster Adam is the cousin of the boy who plays young Serge, no less.

And this blog tells us Charlotte is going to play the American East Coast (Montreal, Philly, NYC, Boston) this month. If you're going to see her, please write a review for FillesSourires!

On January 23, Canal+ in France will broadcast a live concert of Charlotte (just like they did with Vanessa Paradis). Any French readers able to record this concert?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks for the link :D I hope people will find the blog helpful and informative.

  2. Just got my Washington DC Tickets. I'll try and send some photos if I can get a camera in. Great site. I'm addicted. Thanks. James

  3. Bad news I'm afraid. According to this page the U.S. and Canadian tour is cancelled:

  4. Confirmed, the Washington DC show venue is offering a refund on tickets; looks like James and I aren't going to able to offer pics after all. ;(