dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Pop Bâtard IX: Antoine & Mighty Mike

Not every mash-up works as seamlessly as this one: A perfect blend of Blind Melon’s No Rain and Antoine’s Les élucubrations, intricately woven together by another French bastard pop master, Epernay-based Mighty Mike – recommended by Sugamotor to us, his colleague and brother in arms. Les élucubrations, recorded in 1966, was the first (and biggest) smash hit of Antoine’s oeuvre, a rollicking meltdown of Donovanesque folk, Dylan feel, Adamo tears, and Nino Ferrer fun, culminating in Métamorphoses exceptionnelles, a frenetic garage punk freakout foreshadowing the grande gueule gesture of Plastic Bertrand – Dementia treize!

Mighty Mike – Antoine is Blind

Antoine – Les élucubrations
Antoine – Métamorphoses exceptionnelles

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