woensdag 20 januari 2010

When Franz met Marion

It did not go like this, but I like to think it did:
Big Fashion Label Exec: 'Hi Krizz, glad to see you. Look, me and the other guys want something really special for the marketing of our new bag, right. Something that would make waves in hip circles, that appeals to the cool people. Who, naturally, cannot afford our products, but that's beside the point. Any ideas?'
Advertising Guy: 'Sure. Why not include one of the bestest photographers in the world, a star among stars. With financial troubles, so not that expensive anymore. And take one of the most gorgeous women out there.'
Big Fashion Label Exec: 'Err...isn't that what we always do?'
Advertising Guy: 'But here's the catch: we have the gorgeous girl sing. She would not be known as a singer, she just plays one in a movie.'
Big Fashion Label Exec: 'Warming up to your idea. We're talking Marion Cotillard, right? Excellent. And would she sing a Piaf song?'
Advertising Guy: 'Mais non! We ask one of the coolest bands, who are related to one of your top designers, to write a special song.'
Big Fashion Label Exec: 'Ah, that would be Franz Ferdinand, right, friends of Hedi Slimane. Would Marion sing in French?'
Advertising Guy: 'Nah. Nobody would get that, who's interested in French singing women anyway?'
Big Fashion Label Exec: 'Nicolas Sarkozy, for one, but you're probably right. Let's do it!' {Thanks JW}

Marion Cotillard + Franz Ferdinand - Eyes of Mars

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Her voice is OK but her delivery is a little off wouldn't you say?

  2. The whole song is flat, totally by the numbers.

  3. 'A little off', you're too kind, Felicia.

  4. she's not hitting all the notes but the song's so fun i can't imagine most people caring. i think it works.