zaterdag 23 januari 2010

Seigner, Biolay, Luke

On 2/8 the new album by Emmanuelle Seigner is officially released - let's hope it's not postponed again because what I heard do far did not disappoint at all. As you know, the orginal releasedate (Nov 2, '09) was rescheduled because of Roman Polanski's extradition-troubles. A song from the new album was on a Rock & Folk-compilation I picked up yesterday in Bruxelles. Femme Fatale is a better song imho then first single Dingue. Lyrics and music by Doriand and Keren Ann.

Emmanuelle Seigner - Femme Fatale

Benjamin Biolay posted some inédits of his latest masterpiece La Superbe on his Myspace. Mostly songs en duo with gorgeous sounding filles. Like this one:

Benjamin Biolay & Alka - Je partirai comme on revient

From a Les Inrocks-compilation I ripped this track by Luke, as I understand one of the bright young stars in France nowadays. Don't know who the girl is who sings, but she sure adds to the charm of this poprocktrack.

Luke - Pense a moi

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