woensdag 3 februari 2010

Emmanuelle & Roman

There are two remarkable songs on Emmanuelle Seigner's new album Dingue, that drops in a week. One's a duet with Iggy Pop. In French. Remember Ig singing Les Feuilles Mortes, last year? This is a good. Or as awful, if you like. The other is the duet with her hubby Roman Polanski. Who's in quite a situation at the moment, and I don't mean his upcoming films. Still, he has some powerful allies. With that in mind, a song called Qui êtes-vous? (Who are you?) is, shall we say, very on topic. She calls him a pig, and threatens to call the police.
Dingue is, by the way, a very nice album. Song with a 50's rock vibe, some more folky tracks (one about her own name), and Em's charming, untrained voice.

Emmanuelle Seigner & Roman Polanski - Qui êtes-vous?

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