zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Mireille Meets Morricone

It’s easy to underestimate Mireille Mathieu, especially after all those atrocious 70s tv shows and her duets with Julio Iglesias, Barry Manilow, or Austrian schlock entertainer Peter Alexander ... but let’s not get started on this. Her most interesting record might well be her collaboration with Italian soundtrack giant Ennio Morricone in 1974, featuring the stunningly beautiful J’oublie la pluie et le soleil and an intricately arranged French Cinemascope version of the gorgeous main theme from C’era una volta il West – horse oeuvre going Opéra National.

Mireille Mathieu – J’oublie la pluie et le soleil
Mireille Mathieu – Un jour tu reviendras

Talking cool, Mireille also was part of the OST of 1968’s Girl on a Motorcycle, featuring Mick Jagger’s sixties paramour Marianne Faithfull on some semi-chic, but mostly forgettable Electra Glide in Blue ride. Despite the granny-pleasing refrain, Mireille’s song probably is the movie’s best moment.

Mireille Mathieu – Sweet Souvenirs of Stefan

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