woensdag 10 februari 2010

Quentin Mosimann

Joann Sfar said in various interviews that he partly made his Gainsbourg-movie to educate the kids - French youngsters don't know that much about the Great Serge anymore. Not sure if that's really the case - in recent years many winners of French talentshows (like Star Academy or Nouvelle Star, and winners of those shows usually are genuine talents) referred to Serge is various ways. Julien Doré covered a song by Serge on his debut and made a reference in his first video, Soan has a very Gainsbourgian side and now Quentin Mosimann sings a song chockfull of Gainsbourgian references on his new album. Can you spot all the titles and musical hints?

Quentin Mosimann - Gainsbourg Zéro-Dix

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