dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Pop Bâtard XII: Sex Mashine Working

French DJ/ bootlegger & lover of cool cover designs Sugamotor is the string-puller behind the aptly titled brand new Sex Mashine compilation which he rightly calls an „international orgy“. The album features 17 sultry mash-ups chockfull with moanin’ and groanin’, among them three blends incorporating French language songs, my personal favorite being Suga’s splendid fusion of Coldplay and Colette Renard’s charming 1958 cabaret classic Les nuits d’une demoiselle. For detailed info, see mp3 notes. The full album can be downloaded here.

Ben Double M – Sea, Love, Sex and Sun
DJ Giac – Girls bandent
Sugamotor – Nights in My Demoiselle

Colette Renard – Les nuits d’une demoiselle

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