zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Le bal des actrices

All actresses are self-centered, neurotic, and crave for love. This is not me talking, this is the thesis of Maiwenn Le Besco, a former actress who wants to shoot a documentary about ex-collegues to prove this thesis. Then, of course, she falls for one of her subjects. This is in a nutshell what the movie Le bal des actrices is about, a mockumentary/comedy from Maiwenn Le Besco, featuring Julie Depardieu, Charlotte Rampling and Yvan Attal (yep, mr Charlotte Gainsbourg). Haven't seen it, alas, but I did download the soundtrack. The music's by Gabriel Yared, and has songs sung by the actresses, with help from Pauline Croze, Anaïs and Armelle Pioline. The latter duets with Romane Bohringer about the ups and downs of being an actress, to a very Holden-like musical setting. Nice. Maiwenn herself sings the themesong, very fragile, very Gainsbourgian too. See the very funny trailer here. This site has some musical vids from the movie.

Armelle Pioline & Romane Bohringer - Mille et une femmes
Maiwenn - Le bal des actrices

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