zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Lightspeed Champion vs Gainsbourg

Indie-darling of the week Lightspeed Champion covers Serge & Jane's eponymous 69 Année Erotique on his new EP. There's another French song on it, called Tête Morte (a French version of a song on his latest album). Both feature a very fragile fille. No clue who she is - Emmy The Great, who sang backup on LC's first album? Ladyhawke? She doesn't sound French to me.In april Lightspeed Champion tours Europe.

UPDATE: Will Kane had the right answer. The girl singing is French model Valentine Fillol-Cordier. And of course, we got a picture. More? Here.

Lightspeed Champion - 69 Annee Erotique

In other news: Mordi has the new Alizée single up for grabs. Electro-pop, partly in English and French.

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  1. The female vocals are by French model (and I believe LSC's girlfriend, but don't quote me) Valentine Fillol-Cordier: