maandag 24 november 2008


I want to make a list of our favourite French albums by filles - so please send your Top Five of albums released by French singing girls, released in 2008, to guuzbourg(a) And please, add a short motivation. Deadline is December 10, after that I will count everyting and publish the Filles Sourires Top Album List 2008.

To give you some inspiration, here's my top 5:
1. Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate. Young Beatrice from Montreal made an astonishing debut-album, highly emotional as young girls can get, but musically very mature. No matter at what hour I play this, it forces me to listen very closely. Aurgasm still has two mp3s.
2. Berry - Mademoiselle. And there she was, all of a sudden. The girl with the smile in her voice, and the urge to put world-music influences in her great songs. My favourite late-summer-evening record.
3. Francoiz Breut - A L'Avleuglette. Post-rock with a fragile twist. Live, during the Filles Fragiles night in Leiden, Francoiz and Boris were absolutely gorgeous.
4. Marianne Dissard - L'Entredeux. Joey and John from Calexico: merci bien. Thanks for mixing desert rock and mariachi trumpets, thanks for including husky female singers and thanks for inspiring Marianne Dissard (and playing on her record).
5. Loane - Jamais seule. Hotlipped girls sings tender ballads and country-ish uptempo pop songs. One to watch.

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  1. Martin Schori ( november 2008 om 02:44

    Hey, I really like Pirate de coeur as well as Loane. And Emily Loizeau, but she has no new album this year. Anyway - thank you for your blog, I really appreciate it. Here's some stuff you might like, her voice is similar to the one of Soko (which I also like). She is from Brazil and very young: Mulla Magalhaes. You can download her album right here:
    Best wishes, Martin

  2. It takes Dutch bloggers to make me discover beautiful songs in french. Coeur de Pirate was a hell of a discovery. Thank you !

  3. Thanks for the list. Do you have lists for 2007 2006 and so too?

    /Nick, Sweden

  4. 2007: disappeared, alas.

  5. Oh thanks so much :)


  6. Coeur de Pirate is unbelievable, much thanks!