maandag 10 november 2008

Sandra vs Georges

Georges Brassens is one of the greatest French songwriters ever, but unlike Serge Gainsbourg, not many youngsters seemed to acknowledge that. Until now, that is. We already had young Belgians Suarez do a GB-cover on their debut, and now Sandra Nkake is paying tribute to the pipe-smoking master. On her new album Mansaadi she does a very Camille-like version of La Mauvaise Reputation. Her album features one other French song, that is also very much about vocal power. Sandra is best known for her wonderful smokey-jazzy performances on the still brilliant Ollano-album (written & produced by Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux). A funny thing: when I was in Paris to interview Collin, we ran into Sandra who was sitting outside the cafe and who'd just picked up her new album from the label. I reminded her that she once left a comment on this blog. She may do that again now...

Sandra Nkake - La Mauvaise Reputation
Georges Brassens - La Mauvaise Reputation

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  1. Hi, there is another band who payed tribute to Georges Brassens and his great song. His name is Sinsemilia(a great french reggae band).
    I give you the link:

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  3. your post is very hype and trendy
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  4. There many many artists who payed tribute to Brassens! I put my favorites there :

    I think Brassens remains very influential on French music, much more than Brel, Ferré or Barbara for example.

  5. Here I come again !
    It was really cool to meet you accidently (?) in Paris !
    Hope you're doing good ! Thanks again for supporting me !
    Sending you peace and smiles !