woensdag 5 november 2008


A look at the cover again: yes, this must be the same Anais who rocked her audiences with Mon Coeur, Mon Amour. Who parodied Carla Bruni. But The Love Album is something else. Softer, sweeter, more girlie. Produced by Dan the Automator, and with help from American musicians, the music has some latin and Caribbean accents. The atmosphere is more in the vein of the first Camille album. Great songs, very good album. One of the highlights of this year.

Anais - Si J'avais Su Que Notre Amour

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  1. Great Album Guuz, I agree with you. Sympathic singer Anais is and was not one of these typical good looking "filles fragiles" with nice (but after two, three songs) boring voices but a strong WOMAN with good songs, ideas, strong voice and a special sort of humour: Her live shows are mixtures of concerts and comedy events.

    The song you have choosen is romantic with a funny twist (the backing vocal is sung by wonderful Chris Isaak!!). The rest of the album is sometimes even better: Potential hits like her first big tube "Mon coeur mon amout" from the first album "The Cheap Show" are the new single "Peut-ĂȘtre une angine" and the great pop song "Malheureux". The only english song "I love you" rocks, "Je voudrais partir en week-end" has a reggae-touch and on "Elle sort qu`avec des blacks" Anais shows that she also can rap.

    By the way: congratulation for Filles Fragiles 2

    Greetings from Munich goes to Amsterdam