donderdag 20 november 2008

Emma Daumas

The first time I posted a song by 'manufactured rebel' Emma Daumas, me and Em didn't get a lot of love. At the time (and maybe still) Emma was considered to be some kind of Avril Lavigne. Could be true, but I still like Ailleurs. And I very much like J'suis Conne, the first single from her new album Le Chemin de la Maison. Making a lot of Making Of's for the video might be pushing it a little, the good thing is that she (or her producers) decided to leave the big rocking guitar on the studio floor, and keep this album a lighthearded, acoustic-ish affair. Sunny songs, bit in the vein of Feist, Simone White and the new Anais album. Although Anais is a way better songwriter. That said, Le Chemin contains a couple of solid songs, and is worthy of your love. Really.

Emma Daumas - J'suis conne

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