maandag 24 november 2008

Carine Erseng

The story of Carine Erseng starts off pretty standard. She writes songs from a young age, tried her luck in the cafés around St Germain des Pres and played several cabarets. Little by little, she grew more famous. The stages got bigger, her first 'autoproduit' album sold well, and then she bumped into the right person. Who let her play the world famous Olympia, home of Brel, of Piaf, of so many big names. And then she kept bumping into the right people: Michel Boulanger, who worked with Jacques Dutronc, is now her manager. She met with Alain Cluzeau, who worked with Vincent Delerm and Olivia Ruiz. And she formed a great band. Her album La Vitesse Superieure has cabaret-influences, a strong gitane-vibe (Sanseverino is a good reference) and a nostalgic chanson-ending. Retro, yes, but fresh too. Plus, I have a thing for girls with black hair and fiery red lipstick.

Carine Erseng - Les playmates (video)
Carine Erseng - Tu crois que je cours (video)

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