maandag 17 november 2008

Eleni Mandell

A cross between Hoagy Carmichael and Leonard Cohen; or small, strong coffee with cream and one lump of sugar; or filet mignon and mashed potatoes. Interested? This description is taken from Eleni Mandell's Myspace, and especially the coffee-comparison works for me. Until Natasha told me about Eleni, I'd never heard of her. Turns out she's made several albums, and what I heard so far she has a fine, bit lazy sounding voice and makes well-crafted music. Madeline Peyroux is a good reference. Apparently, she did a punky version of the standard I Love Paris for a burger restaurant. Dis moi au revoir encore is her first French recording, and was released on a vinyl 7" (yay!), backed by another French song. To hear and/or buy that, you have to go here. Hopefully, Eleni will sing some more en français.

Eleni Mandell - Dis moi au revoir encore

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  1. I found Eleni by looking at this Québec commercial ( and had a hunch that she might sing in French.

  2. i like a pink background...makes me think of my ex's pink sexy sexy blog!...not spam, just crazy...just a francophile like y'all

  3. Hi Guuzbourg,
    This morning I accidentally stumbled upon a Youtube video from an Italian band called "Il Genio". After some digging on the web I found that the female singer is named Alessandra Contini. They also sing in French occasionally.
    I read an interview about you and your "zuchtmeisjes", and she sounds like a first class zuchtmeisje to me. But of course I'm no expert. I'll leave it up to you.

  4. hey sanne, will check this out, merci!

  5. Eleni Mandell is an extraordinary talent and I'm glad you (eventually) discovered her. I first stumbled across her fine singing in a jazz tune that sounded like a standard with something wry and heartfelt that caught my ear. Some of her tunes recall Tom Waits {she paid tribute to him with Tin Hat Trio a few years ago at a special concert}. She did a fabulous album of country tunes, and 4 or 5 other records; all wonderful and worthwhile. She growls, she purrs, her lyrics slice and soothe. She'll leave you twisting in the wind. It's clear from her sometimes mysterious verse that she has a skewed view of the world - or a straight view of a skewed world. I'm thrilled to learn that she cut a record in French. I'd happily listen to her in any language.