woensdag 12 november 2008

Adamo & Loane, Olive & Lux

When it rains, it pours: a whole bunch of brandspanking new cd's came my way (thanks Franss); I will share the best songs in the upcoming days. An album I was looking forward to is Le bal des gens biens by Adamo, featuring duets with the dog's bollocks of French pop & rock. Julien Doré, Juliette, Laurent Voulzy (goosebumps when they sing Tombe la Neige), Olivia Ruiz (yes, that song), and lovelies Jeanne Cherhal and Loane. What I've heard so far, out of every chanson speaks a lot of love and respeect for the très sympathique Salvatore, and rightly so.

Adamo & Loane - Amour Perdu

Also real nice is the debut by Olive & moi on the Tot ou Tard label (Delerm, Cherhal, Fersen). His album is getting good reviews, two songs feature Liz de Lux (Benedicte Bourlier). Well-crafted songs, gentle atmosphere. Video here.

Olive et moi - Ile ou elle
Olive et moi - L'Ascenseur

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