zaterdag 15 november 2008

Filles Fragiles Night # 1 (slight return)

Maks wrote a review of the FF Night in Sugar Factory (below).The drawing was made by Henk.

Back in 1963 Nico (Velvet Underground) recorded a brilliant track for a movie called 'Strip-Tease'. The song was written by Serge Gainsbourg.
When entering the Sugar Factory yesterday to be part of the first Filles Fragiles night, it felt as walking into that particular movie as I saw the lady at the stage. A stunning blond beauty, very high-heeled in a tight black dress made her moves: Vanessa Contenay-Quinones, pleased to meet you.
Very well aware of her own appearance she served a pretty tasteful cocktail of seduction, coolness and temptation. Musically with obvious links to the earlier mentioned Velvet Underground and yéyé, but still very authentic and exciting as Vanessa's seductive voice takes you anywhere she wants you to go.

Hardly back on earth and recovered from miss Contenay-Quinones, Iris - leadsinger of Peppermoon - walked up the stage. The girl the words 'fille fragile' seem to be invented for performed a most charming show with her band including beautiful versions of 'Les Petits Miroirs' and 'Nos Ballades'. Although the concert tended to be a little bit too well-behaved, the boys and girl from Paris convinced me with their charme and ability of writing little pearls of songs. In fact the only things that were missing, were feathered wings on the back of angel Iris' remarkable white dress.

Just before they got off the stage, Peppermoons keyboardplayer surprised the audience by announcing someone who wasn't at the bill originally: Erica Buettner. As I understood well she was there with Peppermoon because of her interference with the production of Peppermoons forthcoming album. So why don't play a few songs then?
Buettner conducted herself on acoustic guitar and did three songs. A marvellous version of Marie Laforets 'C'est Julien' to start off with, followed by a cover of Françoise Hardy's La Question. She ended with a song of her own called - how appropriate - 'The Most Fragile Thing'. Buettner did very well, sober but intense. A really fine surprise, although the best was yet to come.

Françoiz Breut, her guitar-player and record player treated the audience with an outstanding performance. The cute freckled fille fragile Breut performed very naturally and played quite some tracks from her forthcoming album 'A L'aveuglette', which - according to her show yesterday - undeniably must become one hell of an album! Her delicate way of singing combined with the non-traditional songs made it a really good experience and amusing to look at as she had to turn on another old 33" record. Breut manages to join skills, passion and talent in her songs and - not unimportant - there were loads of desirable sighs. Let's hope she'll be back for another show as her new album is released. Not to be missed!

A very successfull first FF night in my opinion. There were times I went home in a lesser good mood, to use an understatement.
And yes, I had sweet dreams. Thank you.

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  1. It was a fantastic show, all the right people came, the audience was good, the extra act was super, Guuz positively glowed on the TV show the same night and then on stage with Ronald and Liesbeth. One for the books!