donderdag 23 april 2009


A German singer in love with the French language, a deliciously off-key southern girl and a song about men in catalogues. This is a roundup of three (fairly) recent albums that I received, released autoproduit, or diy. All by artists that were featured here before.

Hektor is kind of a household name on Filles Sourires. We enjoyed Carine Péralba's girly voice before, for instance in a great Trenet-cover, and ofcourse they participated in the first Christmas Project. Pas assez bien pour toi is their second album, again filled with sugarcoated synthipop - beware of the little sharp pieces though.

Hektor - Les filles des magazines See video for Cherry here.

Fouxi is the moniker of a German gal from Munich who spent a year in France, fell in love with the language and decided that it would fit her music perfectly. I've posted the beautiful Le Hawaii interieur before, on her recently released album Les Fleurs de Fouxi there are more great songs. She channels tristesse through triphop, writes good, easily understood lyrics and on the song posted here, gets help from the Munich Philharmoniker. Great news: none other than Françoise Hardy will sing a song on her new album that was written by Fouxi!

Fouxi - La pluie sans parapluie

Cecile Phi gets songwriting help from this guy, who also cowrote the very funny Mes hommes sur catalogue. It's a song about getting very aroused by men in underwear, posing for catalogues like Trois Suisses (or Wehkamp, or JC Penney). I've posted Botoxez-moi before, the title track to her handsomely packaged new album.

Cecile Phi - Mes hommes sur catalogue

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  1. Fouxi is great. So many nice French things come out of Munich :)

  2. > none other than Françoise Hardy
    > will sing a song on her new
    > album that was written by Fouxi!

    I'm a life-long fan of francoise -does anyone have any more details of this?