maandag 6 april 2009

Comment te dire adieu covers galore

I recently bumped into a fresh cover of Comment te dire adieu by Danish duo String Swing, and I received a brilliant version for my upcoming GainsNord tribute compilation. All the right reasons to post the original version by Françoise, and some weird covers that were made through the years. In various languages, from English to Finnish, to Russian to Japanese. Here's a bunch, enjoy! If you have more, please email me: guuzbourg(a)
This is the last post for this week, for me & mrs Guuzbourg are going to visit Madrid, to see this guy.

UPDATE: turns out this is NOT a Gainsbourg original, but a translation. The first version was sung by Vera Lynn Margaret Whiting, Gainsbourg translated and re-arranged it for Françoise.
Anyone who whas that Margaret Whiting version?
ADDED: Belle & Sebastian, Walter Wanderley, DeSavoya Combo, Le3

Early version:
Vera Lynn - It hurts to say goodbye

Françoise versions:
Françoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu (video)
Françoise Hardy - Was mach' ich ohne dich
Françoise Hardy - Il pretesto (merci Mylene)
See Serge Gainsbourg sing the song here (around 3.27)

La Bande Magnetik - Comment te dire adieu (ok, this is a boy/girl quartet - thanks Natasha)
Jane Birkin - Comment te dire adieu (Balkan version)
Jane Birkin - Comment te dire adieu (arabesque version)
String Swing - Comment te dire adieu
Maarit Peltoniemi - Kai Vielä Kohdataan (Finnish)
Hana Hegerova - Rymovani o zivote (Czech)
Le 3 - Sayonara Wo Oshiete (video) (Japanese)
Belle & Sebastian - Comment te dire adieu (live)

Erkki Junkkarinen - Se Jääköön Huomiseen (Finnish. Erkki's Wiki)
Daniel Darc - Comment te dire adieu
Jimmy Sommerville - Comment te dire adieu (video)
Les Georges Leningrad - Comment te dire adieu (by far the ugliest version)
Thierry Péala - Comment te dire adieu

Peña Los Arsouillos - Comment te dire adieu
Tokyo's Coolest Combo - Comment te dire adieu
Walter Wanderley - It hurts to say goodbye
Desavoya Combo - Comment te dire adieu

Versions that I'd love to have:
Jane Birkin & Françoise Hardy - Comment lui dire adieu (video)
What a great version: video
Ani-Frid Lyngstad (Frida from Abba!) with a cool version in Swedish: video
Ingeborga Dapkunaite & Alexander Zhulin - Comment te dire (Russian version)(video)

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  1. German version by FH

  2. That didn't work so I'll email it

  3. This beautiful song is a cover itself, of Vera Lynn's "It hurts to say goodbye" (1954).
    If you need I have FH's italian version (Il pretesto), and another french version by Tonya Kinzinger.

  4. The original was released by Margaret Whiting (1966)

  5. yes, you are right. you have that version?

  6. I very much like this version by MONTEFIORI COCKTAIL:

  7. i have that too, but i'm not too fond of it.

  8. Nice!

    I can add two cheesy but rather nice instrumentals by DeSavoya Combo (Ed Lincoln) and Walter Wanderley.

  9. Great fun! This project is turning into something like the 1991 compilation "Tom's Album" with tasteful, clever and/or odd covers of Suzanne Vega's song "Tom's Diner".

  10. I was getting ready to upload Hana Hegerova's version, only to find it's already included. Not that I know anything about Czech music, but I picked up an lp of hers while in Prague last month. "Recital 2." The song that comes after "Comment te dire adieu" is the highlight. A melancholy little gem, had they left out the "Deer Hunter"-styled guitar solo in the middle of the song and in the outro.

    Anyway, the said album bears some semblance to Francoise Hardy's work from the same period (late 60s, early 70s), so it's worth a mention.

    Take care!


  11. There was also a Czech version by Ilona Csáková entitled "Jedno Tajemství". See < >.

  12. What happened to the links? They suddenly stopped working yesterday!

  13. After 10 days (or so), mp3s will be removed. sorry.

  14. Hi can i please get the tokyo's coolest combo one? my email is it would be great if you can send it to me! thanks!!!!!