vrijdag 17 april 2009

France de Griessen

A blonde fragile singing babe backed by gritty guitars - I'm all for it. France de Griessen is such a gal. Out of the blue this part Belgian, part Dutch singer emailed me a couple of tracks from her autoproduit cd (that you can buy here). What Lee Hazlewood was to Nancy Sinatra, Elliott Murphy is to France. He says about her: 'She surely has a style all her own although there are shades of Marianne Faithful, Courtney Love and ... Johnny Thunders lurking in her shadows. I think if Little Red Riding Hood was a sweet punk rock 'n roller with a basket full of charming songs she'd be called France de Griessen.' Hear hear, mr Murphy! He sings a duet with France, that you can hear here. I'm posting another good song. Welcome to our lives, France. Oh, and if you're wondering where those Courtney Love comparisons come from, see this.

France de Griessen - Petit Coeur

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  1. More of this!
    Besides the already mentioned influences I also even traced bits of The Cramps. If unfortunately Poison Ivy had passed away instead of Lux Interior in February of this year, France de Griessen could have been the new Ivy.
    And in French that is. Only the idea is already making me, hm well... sigh.