dinsdag 7 april 2009

Olivia Ruiz

Miss Meteores is the highly anticipated (by me, anyway) album by southern belle Olivia Ruiz. Her third album, featuring some collaborations. You can call miss Ruiz easily the hardest working gal in French showbiz, she's collaborating with a lot of people, from Cali to Dionysos, she made a live album, a dvd, a Spanish language album, worked with her brother, went to Africa, AND made a new album, all in the past two years. She might have discovered the secret of putting 25 hours in a day. Anyhoo, first single Elle Panique gave the impression that Olivia left the folky influences for some more electronic feel, but no. Miss Meteores is (after a quick listen) again a folksy affair, with lots of ukelele and brass. With added electronic effects, yes. Some songs are in English, there's a guestspot by Lonely Drifter Karen and by her daddy Didier Blanc. So far, I didn't hear a bad song. If you liked her last album, you'll love this one.

Olivia Ruiz - Belle a en crever
Oxmo Puccino & Olivia Ruiz - Sur la route d'Amsterdam (more on Oxmo Puccino here)

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  1. Really cool songs.

  2. Hello..

    The lady on pic is so pretty.

    I like her pose..

  3. And the good thing is watzabatza, it's not only about a good pose and good looks. Miss Météores new album is a very delicate mix of things we already new she was very good at (like the things Guuz already wrote about) and tracks that are pretty much more relentless thean we were used at. Check out 'Spit The Devil' and 'Mon Petit A Petit' for instance, love the souzafoon in it and the almost indie songstructure.
    A very complete pop-album with less sighing but that's more than compensated by a handful sublime songs.

    Let's drink to the hard-working people!

  4. Video is now on YouTube:

  5. ...and a great photo here: