woensdag 15 april 2009

Lo polidoro

Guestpost! Anna Maria from Sweden on Lo Polidoro:

Lo Polidoro is a French girl living in London, La Juliette is a song from her latest album Le carrousel des Jours. There’s a nice and dreamy quality to Polidoro’s music that comes to the fore on this song. The singer has such a nice and sweet voice that she sounds positively angelic. This song sounds languid and reflective, it’s like she’s singing to herself, but we can hear her. The melody is just lovely and her sound harkens back to better days that maybe never existed, like the sixties when bittersweet songs were on the radio all the time. She seemingly invents an imagined time in this song and it’s wonderful to listen to. The words concern the routines of older woman, who might be missing the days when she was younger. The songs a bit melancholy, but that’s a hardly complaint when it appears in this beautiful and engaging context.
Her albums are for sale via her site, and cdbaby.

Lo Polidoro - La Juliette

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