donderdag 2 april 2009

Oh Canada: La Patere Rose

While we're on the subject of odd sounding bands (like Holden, below), try on La Patere Rose for size. A three-piece, fronted by bubblegumgirl Fanny Bloom, who take their inspiration from anybody between Beck and Brel. That means kaleidoscopic pop tunes, with girly squeeks, serious melancholic piano and rockin' electronics. Like Holden, they can completely change the atmosphere in a song, but keep their lollipop charm. Untitled debut album is just out, and was released by the same label as Coeur de Pirate.

La Patere Rose - Les Deux Bonnes Soeurs

See the video for single Pacemaker here.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What a fresh album and sound! Just what we needed. Sun is breaking through right now and La Patère Rose must have known that.