woensdag 29 april 2009

More Nino tributes

The recently released Allo Nino tribute to Nino Ferrer isn't the first hommage, as Isa pointed out in the comments here, there was also On Dirait Nino. Featuring Mathieu Chedid, Bashung, JP Nataf and a string of FS-faves, like Helena, Autour de Lucie and La Grande Sophie. A bunch of garage-rockin' bands also paid their loud respect to Nino, on the album A tribute to Nino Ferrer - 18 garage shots of rhythm & soul. From that album I chose Curlee Wurlee and Dutronic.

La Grande Sophie - Je veux être noir
Autour de Lucie - La Rua Madureira
Helena - Le Téléphone
Curlee Wurlee - Le Cornichons
Dutronic - Isabelle

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