woensdag 1 april 2009


This year kicked off with two new tracks by Holden (see?), but we had to wait until now to hear the full new album. Those first tracks showed that Holden took kind of new direction, more towards Stereolab-territory. Could be the influece of producer Atom/Uwe Schmidt, who likes to add weird sounds and arrangements too. Haven't heard Fantomatisme that good, but one can say that Armelle (still one of the most soothing voices in France) and Mocke/Dominique like to play with the listener. Songs take odd exits, change completely in atmosphere (and then go back) - it's like they deliberately cross out a beautiful picture, just for fun. It works, sometimes, but it's a risk.
I think the guys @ Rockfort agree: here.

Holden - Ou sont vos bras, monsieur

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  1. Oh this is just gorgeous.

    Some really nice production touches.