donderdag 7 mei 2009

1000th post

The 1000th post on this blog, and of course it's dedicated to the music I love. First week of June, my new compilation is released. Gentils Garçons, because 'nothing makes the girls sigh like a singing French guy'. It features Renan Luce, Sammy Decoster, Benjamin Biolay, Samir Barris, Eddy(la)Gooyatsh) and a few duets: Arthur H with Feist, Liben with Stephanie Croibien and Pierre Faa with Barbara Carlotti. The latter is an exclusive track - Pierre's solo-album will be released later this year. But first there's the debutalbum by Pierre's band Peppermoon. A trio FS promoted the hell out of, and I'm glad I was asked to write the linernotes.
Thank you, visitors of Filles Sourires, for stopping by, for contributing, for loving French music. Keep on doing what you're doing, I will too.
(cd-cover was made by this guy.)

Pierre Faa & Barbara Carlotti - Encore des étoiles
Peppermoon - Après l'orage

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  1. Wow, I love these, especially the second one! o_O

    Happy milestone, charming man. Mon univers est si meilleur avec tes filles sourires et maintenant aussie avec tes garçons gentils! Merci bien, Guuz. Keep us sighing! Hmmm, as if I need any help with that?... ;)

  2. Congratulations on your first millennium. Keep on sighin', Mr Postman!

  3. Merci de tout! It's really good to hear that you'll keep on doing what you do.

  4. 1000 posts and a third cd, keep up the good work! Great artwork of Gentils Garçons by te way...

  5. Here's too another 1000 posts..really nice songs.

  6. All the best for your next millennium!/Christophe