zondag 31 mei 2009

Winner (3): Benabar

The last winner of Gentils Garçons cd is Bart from Utrecht, who was 'dead drunk' when he wrote this entry. Impressive.

If I would start about my favorite chanson sung by a man, I should actually write about my all-time favorite: Jean Ferrat's La Montagne. Or maybe about one of those heartbreaking miniatures by Jacques Brel. But to be honest with you, since I'm dead drunk at the moment - just arrived back from the Festival aan de Werf where Roosbeef gave acte de présence - I am in a sentimental mood and will say just a few words about Bénabar's most brilliant song: Le dîner. Doesn't he sing in that song the praises of what is in secret my deepest desire: a lovely girl to share a pizza with? A down in the dumps girl to see movies with Funès? A sweet girl to hang on the couch with? 'On s'en fout' he sings. And why wouldn't I drop anything indeed to go looking for such a girl? After this summer, I'll move to Paris. And that's a promise.

Benabar - Le dîner

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  1. cool one. more benabar, por favor. s.

  2. very famous in france !!!!!!