zondag 31 mei 2009

Winner (2): Alex Beaupain

Omar from Texas won a Gentils Garçons copy thanks to this guestpost on his favourite French song, sung by a guy:

Alex Beaupain was introduced to me by the movies of Christophe Honore. Both artists have been collaborating together for so long that if you google one, you are bound to find the other's name somewhere in what you are reading. Alex was an artist in his own right before working with the director. He released a new album last year called 33 Tours. It is a great album, quirky and very french! (a collaboration with actrices Clotilde Hesme, Ludivine Sagner, and Chiara Mastroianni for the opening track). By far my favorite track on this album is Pas grand chose. An understated ballad sung by Alex with only a piano as his companion. The best part of the song, in my opinion, are the strings coming out of nowhere at the end of the song! By far the most played song in my ipod! Other great songs by Alex can be found on his debut album "=Garçon d'honneur and the soundracks of movies such as, La Belle Personne and Chansons d'amour.

Alex Beaupain - Pas grand chose

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