maandag 11 mei 2009

Carly Sings

Two great things happened in the life of Carly Blackman, aka Carly Sings (I have posted about her before). Her first album The Glove Thief was released, sporting a great cover. Carly lives in Paris, and who did she meet there? J-C Vannier. Yes, the genius behind Melody Nelson. She asked him if he would write arrangements for her next cd, AND HE SAID YES! Amazing story, but true.
The Glove Thief is a highly recommendable album, featuring gentle (and funny) songs about love 'n life, sometimes sung just by Carly (her voice is a cross between Inara George and El Perro del Mar) and her guitar, sometimes she adds keys, flute or 'apocalyptic percussion'. Two songs are sung in a Blossom Dearie-ish French, very charming. Can't wait for that next album, but The Glove Thieve makes the waiting more bearable.

Carly Sings - Marie Galante
Carly Sings - God and the Girl

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