dinsdag 5 mei 2009

Nouvelle Vague, Greco

Now on the NV-Myspace: Ça plane pour moi by Nouvelle Vague. From the new album that will be released in June.

I almost missed it, but Sylvester told me that Dame Juliette Gréco released a new album. Back in the day she wasn't exactly a fille fragile, she now sounds like the French counterpart of Marianne Faithfull. Some of France's best songwriters worked on Je me souviens tout, like Miossec, Brigitte Fontaine and Maxime le Forestier. But she turned to the young guns too, like Adrienne Pauly and Olivia Ruiz. The song posted here was written by ms Ruiz.

Juliette Greco - Dans ma chambre de dame

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  1. hello, it's alex. do u happen to have the song from Nouvelle Vague? can't find it anywhere. if you do, please be so kind as to send it. thanks:)