donderdag 14 mei 2009

Jenny Canto

Everyday, labels and promopeople offer me music to post on this blog. Most of those offers I turn down - although they claim to 'love' my blog, they send me noisy American indierock, weird clicks 'n cuts-music or country. Seldomly, it's female and French. Lo and behold: Jenny Canto is of Spanish descent, but sings in French. Her debut-single Me la couler douce has a big phat bassline, but her vocals are fragile the way we like it here. The label also send me a remix - not my cup of tea. But the link they provided to Eclats de Lune, a French collective of rappers and dj's, that was really nice. Check out the first track on their Myspace (Dans la lune), and you'll see why. (For the clueless: that's a Gainsbourg-sample right there). Jenny's songs is, and I quote, about 'urging us to let our hair down and get in touch with our inner child'. Irie!

Jenny Canto - Me la couler douce

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