woensdag 27 mei 2009


Three songs with Belgian roots: a cover of Ça Plane pour moi by Nouvelle Vague (notified you about that earlier), original ofcourse by Plastic Bertrand. Karin Clercq electrofied herself for her new (3rd) album. See the video for the title track La Vie Buissonière here. I don't mind loud electronically enhanced guitarsounds, but most of the songs I've heard from LVB sound ugly in my ears. There are a few songs that are better.
When it comes to synths 'n guitars, Vive la Fête is a force to be reckoned with. On new album Disque d'Or, Elsjes voice is embedded by Danny's screaming noise, but also by An Pierlés piano. Something else, but something good too!

Nouvelle Vague - Ça plane pour moi
Karin Clercq -Sur le bord du trottoir
Vive la Fete - Courtois

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  1. G., thank you for putting up this excellent blog. I am familiar with English speaking pop/rock scene, but you've done a great work turning our attention to great music sung in French. Merci beaucoup and keep up the great work!