zondag 3 mei 2009

Cali & Marie Gillain

It was Isa who introduced me (us) to the gorgeous Belgian beauty Marie Gillain, and today I found out she sang some more. With French rock hero Cali, for the movie Magique. I knew the song, because C. also recorded it solo for his L'Espoir album. Singers turning into actors (and vice-versa) is pretty common in France, but that don't necessarily makes good movies. Or good albums. Haven't seen the film, but the song really benefits from Marie's voice. Or maybe I'm just as in awe with her beauty as Cali is in this video?

Cali & Marie Gillain - Je me sens belle
Cali & Marie Gillain - L'amour
Audrey Tautou & Marie Gillain - Qui qua vu Coco
(from the Coco avant Chanel soundtrack)

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  1. Thanks for this post on Marie! In her latest movie "Coco avant Chanel", she sings a duet with Audrey Tautou called "Qui qua vu Coco?".