woensdag 24 december 2008

Brigitte Lahaie

Ssssssexy! Regular guestposter Sky blows the dust off Brigitte Lahaie:

The French adult cinema of the 70s was about carnal excess as well as about hedonism, politics, and libertinage. For a brief moment, especially in the key year 1978, movies like 'Perversion d’une jeune mariée' or 'Je suis à prendre' transcended smut and sleaze into an art form – particularly due to the spellbinding presence of the young Brigitte Lahaie who managed to fill even the lewdest scenes with a kind of radiant innocence.
Her only single, Caresse Tendresse, recorded in 1987 for the Clever label, regrettably breathes just a faint hint of that sensual poetry and magic – Brigitte’s voice clearly wasn’t her strongest physical asset, and the song itself sounds like a dancefloor collaboration between the Vu de l’extérieur-Gainsbourg and a sedated church organist. So what? As for Brigitte, it was a labor of love anyway.
Bonus: The title track from the 1980 Lahaie movie 'Secrets d’adolescentes' (a.k.a. Le Porno esperienze di Luca a Fanny), a voluptuous soundscape by the great Roberto Pregadio that was also used in Franco Prosperi’s nunploitation shocker La Settima Donna. Ethereal moaning not by Brigitte, but by the similarly magnificent Edda Dell’Orso, better known for her awesome teamworks with Ennio Morricone – the queen of wordless erotic vocals of Italian cinema.

Brigitte Lahaie - Caresse Tendresse
Roberto Pregadio/Edda Dell'Orso - Secrets d'adolescentes

Youtube has a few clips with Brigitte, see here. She's also gueststarring in this video by The London Buses.

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  1. Great!
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  2. beautiful song of brigitte lahaien beaytiful blog

  3. Fantastic! I've asked Guuzbourg some time ago if he knew how to get a hold of these songs. He didn't, but here they are at last! Many thanks!

  4. My pleasure, folks. Happy New One & A bientot,