donderdag 4 december 2008

Melanie Pain

When it comes to compiling French music, I bow down to Rolf and Oliver of Le Pop. This Cologne-based duo are the OG's when it comes to bringing the nouvelle vague to the people, with their versatile, handpicked and carefully annoted comps. The newest edition was just released: Le Pop - Les Filles. Now, some have suggested that Le Pop stole the Filles Fragiles concept, which ofcourse is nonsense. In fact, this Le Pop edition is a protest album! From the introduction: 'Whilst reading articles and record reviews about female French musicians and singers, we recently came across a strange phenomenon: and ever increasing number of articles included remarks like "...a pleasant exception considering your usual cliched female French Chanteuse..." In the face of allt these pleasant exceptions, one might start to worry about a whole genre evaporating into thin air! (...) Well, you needn't worry, all is well in French female pop, als Le Pop Les Filles clearly demonstrates.'
True! LPLF gives shelter to FS-faves like Coralie Clement, Loane, Marianne Dissard and Jeanne Cherhal. Introduces new names like Julie B. Bonnie and Doris Park, AND has a brandspanking new song by the ultralovely Melanie Pain! Yes, her album will be released next year. And if it sounds as good as the stuff released (via Le Pop) so far, it's a hit.

UPDATE: Thanks to Le Pop, I can give away THREE copies of the new Les Filles compilation! You know what to do: send me a guestpost of at least 100 words on any of your favourite French songs (sung by a girl, ofcourse). Guuzbourg(a)

Melanie Pain - Celle de mes 20 ans

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  1. In this first melanie Pain album, there is a duet with Julien Doré, called "Helsinki". The song is just brilliant!!!! Can't wait to listen the whole album...

  2. i love the french song of zoe avril: on ne changera pas le monde. on the song you hear a choir of children singing before zoe starts with her part. it is totally a song you can not get out of your head! i like to play it on the radio (i am doing radio shows) because it fits perfectly into it and it is a song you really get a good feeling of. another point: it is that kind of song i really love to dance to. maybe i should look for more music... anyway, i totally adore your blog, cause i like exactly the same type of music!

  3. Melanie suffices to all FS conditions! What a delightful track.
    Will her forthcoming album be in French? According to her MySpace there's quite some English stuff too. Let's hope for the best.


    Here's a 29 min concert by Melanie Pain from September.
    Guess all 7 songs will be on the album

  5. Cool gig, thanks for that Anonyme, loved it!