donderdag 4 december 2008

Marie Audigier

Christophe from Bruxelles, who 'won' the Marina Celeste-cd, send me two songs by Marie Audigier. 'She has become quite obscure now', he writes. You don't say - there's very little I can find about her. These songs stem from beginning of the 90's. Rève un peu à moi is a Mama Cass cover, Dans la brume du Matin a Joe Dassin Cover. ' Een zuchtmeisje to rediscover !', Christophe adds. Damn right! What a great off-key voice! And the production of these songs is great as well. Who knows more about Marie? And who has her Crepuscule-album Ces Etes?

Marie Audigier - Reve un peu a moi
Marie Audigier - Dans la brume du Matin

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  1. trick pas trop mais4 december 2008 om 05:18

    here you can hear more from her :

  2. i think marie was (or still is) the wife of french singer Jean-Louis Murat ... she did a lot of backvocals on his albums ... check it out !

  3. You can buy the single Paroles en l'air, an eponymous EP and the album Ces étés on iTunes.

  4. she's not murat's wife
    she's his "manager"

  5. Marie Audigier a enregistré deux très beaux disques. Lalalala avait mis un morceau en écoute avec un éditorial. Dommage qu'elle ne chante plus.