woensdag 17 december 2008

Marianne Feder

Two recent musical trends in fragile French female pop: the use of ukelele, and the influence of gipsy-jazz and balkan beats. Examples of the latter are Rupa & the April Fishes, Claire Diterzi, Carine Erseng and Marianne Feder. Marianne was featured once before on this blog (here), duetting with Alexis HK. He's returning the favour on Marianne's second album Toi Mon Indien, released in October. The balkan influences are courtesy of La Caravane Passe, a band of merry men who sing in a made up language, who play balkan-esque music with a punk attitude (not unlike Gogol Bordello) and who's album Velkom Plechti! is great for partying. They take it down a notch on Toi Mon Indien, the titletrack was choses by the Le Pop-guys, a stamp of quality for sure. Here are two other examples.

Marianne Feder - Vent d'est
Marianne Feder - Farouche

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