donderdag 11 december 2008

Filles Sourires Yearlist

Here are the results of the Filles Sourires jury, thanks everyone who send a top 5. Fun facts: four albums in this top 5 are debuts; 50 percent of the top5-senders were girls; one guy put an album sung in English in his top 5, but added that is was sung with a strong French accent.

1. Coeur de Pirate - Coeur de Pirate. Your comments: 'And suddenly there she was, as could be expected from fille fragile, whispers sweet words in your ear, and the songs will stay there, they won't go away; they are forever, like a tattoo.'
'Sssht... just listen and shiver.'
'From out of nowhere it came and destroyed all corners for the title.'
'It's unbelievable beautiful and a damn shame you have to order something excellent like this in Canada.'
Coeur de Pirate - Berceuse

2. Berry - Mademoiselle. Your comments: 'Images of flaring dresses, bubbling blanquettes and sultry evenings: Berry was queen of summer with her catching songs and adorable appearance.'
'I listen to her when I’m having a bad day and she makes me smile.'
Berry - Cheri

3. Loane - Jamais Seule. Your comments: 'Dark, smouldering ballads beautifully and fragilely rendered.'
'Soft, sweet, sexy and soulful.'
Loane - Petit Bonheur

4. Marianne Dissard - L'Entredeux. Your comments: 'If Paris, Texas would have a 2009 sequel, I'd ask Marianne and the guys from Calexico for the score in stead of Ry Cooder.'
'This quote from LA Weekly says it all - If you don't fall in love with her from the moment she says hello, then you will have done by the time she finishes the first line of her first song, and if you're not melting by then, you have a swinging brick instead of a soul.'
Marianne Dissard - Les Draps Sourds

5. Claire Diterzi - Tableau de chasse. Your comments: 'Comparisons with Kate Bush and Bjork are unfair. Tableau is an original, quirky but always compelling mixture of the experimental, gothic and ethereal, with traces of World. But not necessarily this one.'
'Fabulously inventive songs by ms.Diterzi'.
Claire Diterzi - Tableau de la chasse

Honourable mentions: Barbara Carlotti - L'ideal; Maya Barsony - Femme d'exterieur, and Poney Express - Poney Express.

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  1. love that coeur de pirate scooped the competition. such a lovely album and indeed my favorite of the year.

    as a numbers geek, any way we could see the vote totals and maybe, just maybe a list of all artists that received more than one vote.

    i'll be your best friend......

  2. Coralie Clement, I mean (Poney Express I already mentioned).

  3. About 15 people send a top 5. There were some who voted for Mylene Farmer, Ariane Moffatt and Poney Express too.

  4. Tableau de la chasse is french for spanish cows. The real title is Tableau de chasse.

  5. Indeed a beautifull Yearlist!!

    I'm glad you've put the acoustic version of Loane's Bonheur on your blog. I think it's much better then the album version! have you seen her little black-and-white video on her site (I guess you did)
    It's beautifull!

    Thanks for sharing all this good stuff ;-)

  6. @Guuzbourg, No one of course. Me jumped the gun.

  7. Great list. I wish Coralie and Ariane had made the list, but still, wonderful choices indeed!

  8. Thanks God! No Carla Fucking Bruni......

  9. Absolutely love that Loane track
    "c'est formidable"

  10. good list! If you are interested, I posted a playlist of interesting French music releases
    here. The best LP to my mind was the one of Mathieu Boogaerts, "I Love You".