maandag 8 december 2008

Les Valseuses

What's better than one fille fragiles? Three filles, ofcourse. Introducing Les Valseuses: Laure, Marianne and Zoé, who met over cigarettes and coffee (imagine, with the smoking ban of today they wouldn't have met) worked on songs and their voicces and released an album recently. Funny 'n sunny songs, not unlike the Puppini Sisters or Pipettes. Only French. And yes, their name is a reference to one of the best French movies ever. Most songs on the Valseuses album sound pretty innocent, but they sex things up véry much on Lascive. Aah la la indeed. (Merci Franss)

Les valseuses - Lascive

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Once there where Lotje Ijzermans and Fons Dellen on radio 3 in The Netherlands, specialized in promoting that one, sublime, overwhelming song. After buying the complete album in great excitement, it often turned out to be the one and only great track on that entire album.

    You do the same here with these girls: brilliant track, but the others on their MySpace pretty much suck.
    Thank god there's a thing as MySpace nowadays ;-)

  2. Sometimes it's better to listen twice.
    I stand corrected. Sorry girls.

    After listening more carefully I have to admit it doesn't suck at all.
    Won't be in my favs though, but it doesn't suck. A bit too variably in quality imho.
    Or might three 'Filles Sourires' in one just be a little bit too much for me?