donderdag 18 december 2008

Ticketpunchers and Telegrams

Two Serge-covers, one recent and one a little older (1994). Catherine Delasalle is a French born singer who moved to Belgium in the nineties, played in several bands and made a couple of albums. This very good, very jazzy version of Poinconneur was taken from her solo-debut.
Skye shares her name with the former singer of Morcheeba, but is very different. Her version of Overseas Telegram is taken from her debut, that features only covers. Songs by Brel, Citizen Cope, Emmylou Harris, Claude Nougarro and Tracy Bonham. Not all great, but this Overseas Telegram version is okay.

Catherine Delasalle - Le Poin├žonneur des Lilas (merci Janne)
Skye - Overseas Telegram

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