zaterdag 6 december 2008

Monsieur Mono plus Ariane Moffatt

You still have a few days to send (guuzbourg(a) your Top 5 French Female Album List of 2008. A lot of you counted Ariane Moffatt's Tous les sens as one of their faves. An album I kind of forget - maybe because I still have to get used to her new electropopways. I rather hear sweet Ariane in a more gentle, fluffy environment. Like in this duet with fellow Quebec-native Monsieur Mono. It was taken from his second album, released earlier this year, and the slow, brooding mood suits both voices really well.
Because of all the great Canadian/Quebecoise music I got to know this year, from Coeur de Pirate to Amylie, I will post the best music from female French Canadian artists in January - Oh Canada-month. Tips and guestposts are, as always, welcomed.

Monsieur Mono & Ariane Moffatt - Comme en temps de guerre

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Goodbye (Beatles), interpreté par les Intrigantes, est génial.
    (années 60, Québec)

  2. This is a nice song. I have always liked Ariane Moffatt and was very pleased to hear this song. Thank you for posting it, and thank you for your lovely blog!

  3. Can I suggest french Canadian bands with female lead singers?

    Les Breastfeeders, Call Me Poupée, Alfa Rococo and Caïman Fu.

    Solo career: Pascale Picard (although she mostly sings in English), Mara Tremblay, Ève Cournoyer, Marie-Jo Thério, Jorane, Marie-Annick Lépine (she plays the violon in Les Cowboys Fringants).

    I hope this fits.

  4. thanks for the suggestions. most names are familiair. some aren't. will check, merci!

  5. Yes, more from Canada, please. So much great music coming from Quebec now, and not sure where to find it.