dinsdag 9 december 2008

Nina Morato, Zoe Avril

First winner of a copy of Le Pop - Les Filles is regular visitor Anna Maria from Sweden:

Nina Morato had great success in the nineties, and represented France in the 1994 Eurovision with this strident but melodic song. She sounds tomboyish but with a feminine slant to her singing that’s very appealing. The strings are sumptuous on this track, and Morato’s vocal quirks works well. She reminded me of Mylène Farmer at the time, perhaps due to a similar pop sensibility, but I don’t know if she appeared naked in her videos. She’s continued to make music, but I’ve not heard it so the time is right to see what she might be up to now.

Nina Morato - Je suis un vrai garçon

Second winner is Sayuri, with a post on Zoe Avril:

I love the French song of Zoe Avril: On ne changera pas le monde. In the song you hear a choir of children singing before Zoe starts with her part. It is totally a song you can not get out of your head! I like to play it on the radio (I am doing radio shows) because it fits perfectly into it and it is a song you really get a good feeling of. Another point: it is that kind of song i really love to dance to. Maybe i should look for more music.

Zoe Avril - On ne changera pas le monde
(see video here)

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