maandag 2 maart 2009

Cathy Claret

One grey Monday afternoon you're randomly clicking some links on MySpace, and all of a sudden you bump into this blonde goddess. Born in Nîmes, but relocated to Spain, she's been making records since the eighties, and who you have never heard about. But once you hear Loli-Lolita, you're hooked. That's what happened today, the blonde is called Cathy Claret, and her childlike voice stars over songs with flamenco, bossa nova and gypsy-influences. On almost every album she released (the last one appeared in 2007), there are some French songs, and on her website she calls Gainsbourg an influence. Ofcourse. She worked with Finlay Quaye, Pascal Comelade and Hook Herrara. She has in many ways an unique voice - the only references I can think of are Isabella Antena and Helena Noguerra. See her perform 'Toi' here. I now have her first two albums, but if you can share more recent material, I'd be grateful.

Cathy Claret - Loli-lolita
Cathy Claret - Regarde-moi sourire
UPDATE: two more songs, from later albums:
Cathy Claret - Bulle de savon
Cathy Claret - La joie de vivre

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I LOVE Cathy Claret. :)
    It's a shame that she does not perform in Paris. :(

  2. Nice one! Her song "Toi" is one of my all-time favorites, and one of the songs that brought me to my current French fixation.

    - P

  3. Vincent Alexandre Jacque9 maart 2009 om 19:11

    La Cathy est incomparable !!!