vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Melanie Pain

So, not only the new Olivia Ruiz album in April, and by AnnaO, but also Melanie Pain. For the uninitiated: the gorgeous singer from Nouvelle Vague. Ok, well, they're ALL gorgeous, but you'll recognise her. First single Helsinki, a duet with Julien Doré, is out now. On My Name (that's the albumtitle) Melanie sings in English and French. What I've heard so far (thanks Alex), this promises to be a brilliant album. Mel's a sweet and tender hooligan, and she proves it.

Melanie Pain & Julien Doré - Helsinki (live video with SKC from Zita Swoon)
Melanie Pain - Tard dans la vie (poem set to music, not on the album)

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  1. Hi Guuz,

    er staat een recensie van FF2 is het Glitterhouse Mailorder boekje. Als je belangstelling hebt mail ik het even ....


  2. Hey!

    Do you know any Italian version of Filles Fragiles?

  3. Aale, u weet mij te vinden: guuzbourg@gmail.com!

  4. Mélanie Pain @ The Zoo, Brisbane Australia with McKisko : 17 March 2009 : Photo Galleries

  5. hey.it's alex. couldn't find your e-mail anymore so i decided to leave u a message here. did u get any new songs from Melanie? If u happen to have one of the following, please send them to me to alexpetrache2007@yahoo.com:
    1. Everything i know
    2. Ignore-moi
    3. L'espace d'un instant
    4. One silver dollar
    5. Adieu mon amour
    6. Je Ne T'Oublierai
    7. Sans L'ombre de toi

    cheers! If i get them , i'll send them to you. can't find them anywhere, and most of them are not on her album. thanks in advance.

    P.S. I've added you to my blogroll under the label - "You want french songs?" hehe.