donderdag 19 maart 2009

Yuri Buenaventura, Berry, Olivia

Few years ago, I was at a Yuri Buenaventura-show at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague. I had the feeling I was the only one who knew what kind of music (salsa) Yuri played. Because I was the only one standing up. OK, that had also to do with my low back pain, but still. Older women summoned me to sit down, like the rest. I gazed back with contempt. Yuri and his band walked on stage, with a take-no-prisoners-attitude. He looked surprised, threw a glance over his shoulder, counted to four and it was like the band wanted the walls of Jericho to fall down - latin-style. Screaming horns, rattling percussion: it took about five seconds for the crowd to understand what was happening here, then everybody rose and started dancing.
Yuri gave French standards like Une Belle Histoire and Ne Me Quitte Pas a latin makeover (that actually worked), for his new album Cita Con La Luz he invited gorgeous filles Olivia Ruiz and Berry (pictured) to sing along. Smart guy.

Yuri Buenaventura & Berry - Si Tu Estas Aqui
Yuri Buenaventura & Olivia Ruiz - Te Fuiste

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  1. So love Berry, thanks for this! Just noticed she has a new duet with Daniel Darc on her myspace site: La Chanson D'Helène.