woensdag 11 maart 2009

Oh Canada: Stephanie Lapointe

People always ask me, Guuzbourg, connaisseur of French singing females, aficionado of the sigh, please define sexyness. Tell us what's hot, and what's not. Paint us a picture that makes your, and our, juices run. I pull up a chair, stretch out my legs, lean back and say, well, someday it's Carla Bruni, sitting in the back of a car with bare legs, playing the guitar (click). Then it's Claire Denamur, singing that she feels naked on stage (click). It's in the lips of Emmanuelle Beart (click). In that little space between Vanessa Paradis' teeth (click). But mostly, it's in the surprise. In opening a zipfile of the just-released album by Stephanie Lapointe, and hearing, well, just right click, save as...

Stephanie Lapointe - Nus sous les étoiles

And see here for a verrry sexy live reprise of Nancy Sinatra's Bang Bang (in French). Also on the album!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I bought the album on iTunes after hearing the song, and it's great. Very reminiscent of Emilie Simon at parts. She has a really delicate voice.

  2. ahh, wonderful -- another great discovery!

  3. She makes very good music, I love the new album and I think she just has the sweetest voice. I hope she keeps up the good work and amazing songs.

    Take care, Elli

  4. to wouter...

    how could you say so.. "sexy" ??? she's wrapped with thick clothes for cold. :-)

  5. I was rather disappointed when listening to the new album - horrible long title too. From time to time, rather interesting lyrics but overall very, very bland... nothing that really sticks out, except "Une fleur" that's nice. I have nothing against slow music - love it - but this is like... driving at 10 km/h...