maandag 30 maart 2009

More Camille

In addition to the post below: Camille also guests on the recently released cd called Cinema by violinist Laurent Korcia. This features classical music and standards used in movies (hence the title). Ranging from the theme from Les Valseuses and Mission:Impossible to It Ain't Necessarily So. Camille sings Someday My Prince Will Come, written by Larry Morey and Frank Churchill for the Disney movie Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Many covers have been made, by jazzheroes like Miles Davis and Chet Baker, to popdivas like Anastasia, Sinead O'Connor (great version on the great compilation Stay Awake!) and Barbra Streisand.
Camille sings in partly in English, and French. (Merci Isa) Video HERE

Camille & Laurent Korcia - Someday My Prince Will Come

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