maandag 16 maart 2009


Guestpost! Maks on Charlie:

In The Netherlands there's a saying that states something like 'the longer it lasts, the sweeter the taste'. I guess and hope that'll probably the case with Charlie's forthcoming album, although the tracks at her MySpace are pretty exciting already. Some are released in december 2008 as single, like Ema (video here) and Le Sapin. Charlie also recorded a very tempting duet with Fabrice Mauss in 2007 called Je Recherche, that even made it into the charts and had over one million (!) viewings at YouTube. Her voice sometimes childish as Vanessa Paradis in her early years, sometimes more mature (think Olivia Ruiz), but always as seductive and delicate as a real certified Fille Fragile should sound like. And with a track like 'Angel', she even shows that her sound can be a bit more edgy too, as this track is a little bit more rock than the other ones. Herefor and hopefully for the rest to come Charlie already received Le Prix du Tremplin Musik'Elles in 2008.
Charlie's here to stay, but there's one quite important last detail missing right now: her debut-album. Come on, don't let us wait too long darling.
See video for Le Sapin here.

Cool live performance of 'Je Recherche' by Mauss and Charlie at Taratata here

Charlie - Ema
Charlie - Angel

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