maandag 30 maart 2009

What I've learned

Things I've learned thanks to last Saturday's Soiree Gainsbourg in Petrol, Antwerp:

* If I stay up until 06.00 hrs, ánd had Belgian beer, wodka and regular beer to drink, I still feel like I've been hit by a truck come monday.
* Very beautiful, but also very drunk Belgian women who visit the Soiree, like to touch my potbelly, which makes me feel very uncomfortable.
* You can play Jacques Brel's Bruxelles to a crowd of 800 people at 04.00 hrs, and they will dance like crazy and sing along (thanks for showing me, Philip).
* Andy by Les Rita Mitsouko is a killer song (dito).
* DJ Zebra made a killer mashup using Gangsters by the Specials and Bordel by Alister (thanks for sharing that, Pierre).
* There are a lot of French floorfillers from the seventies and eighties that I need to learn about.
* C'est beau la bourgeoisie is an ultra-cheesy novelty song, yes, but nobody cares at 3.30 hrs in the morning (thanks to myself for not being afraid to play it).
* Café Hopper in Antwerp has excellent coffee, and they play Billie Holiday on a Sunday morning, which is very soothing.

Jacques Brel - Bruxelles (Video)
Discobitch - C'est beau la bourgeoisie (Video)
DJ Zebra - Bordel de Gangsters (more DJ Zebra mashups, with Olivia Ruiz and Cali and more French artists)
Les Rita Mitsouko - Andy (Video)

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  1. Antwerp is great partying no? I was back there last weekend... too bad I didn't know about the Soiree Gainsbourg...